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Endometriosis affects more than 170 million women worldwide, 2 Million in the UK alone. 10% of women of reproductive age. 30% and 60% in women with infertility and pelvic pain respectively. (Simoens et al. 2007).

Endometriosis, an enigmatic inflammatory condition characterized by lesions of endometrial type tissue outside of the uterus in the presence of typical clinical symptoms of pelvic pain and infertility affects an estimated 176 million women of reproductive age worldwide (Adamson et al, Journal of Endometriosis 2010).

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Our Mission Statement
“Empowering women with endometriosis to make informed choices”.
Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK)


  1. Empowering women with endometriosis to make informed choices.
  2. Increasing public awareness.
  3. Providing evidence-based information in accessible formats.
  4. Creating alliances with Health Professionals.

Objectives 2013

  1. To raise teenage awareness of endometriosis to facilitate prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatments.
  2. To develop an informative web site which allows open access to the general public.

Together we can make a difference to how endometriosis affects your lives. Alone we are a solitary voice. Together all our voices may be heard.

Please join in  and help us to help those women who feel alone to feel supported – Our hands around the world.

“My right hand is being held by someone who knows more than I, and I am learning,
My left hand is being held by someone who knows less than I, and I am teaching,
Both my hands need thus to be held for me – to be.”
Natasha  Josefowitz

Please visit the web site for information and let us know what you would like to see here.

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On my justgiving web page you can see pictures from the 10-mile walk myself and Graham took along Beachy Head to support the Charity. You may sponsor us if you wish by clicking here.

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Endometriosis Awareness Month – Fundraising Walk, March is Endometriosis awareness, you could set up a JustGiving page for a walk in March and raise money for the charity, just let us know, where you are walking and your JustGiving page name.

Are you a public speaker? Maybe you could use the PowerPoint talk for various clubs and groups who require speakers – if we give you some training? Endometriosis awareness – we need to spread the message about the consequences of this disease. Do you need a speaker for a public meeting?

Could you be a Trustee? We are always looking for new Trustees so if you feel able to give 4 Saturday afternoons per year to help us and have skills we still need please contact us. We need people with various skills like PR, HR, law, accounting, health professionals, fundraising and IT support.
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Phone the office number 08707 743665 and leave your details and we will get back to you.

Email shetrust@shetrust.org.uk.

Post to our address:
Endometriosis SHE Trust (UK)
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Our new Trustees include a media specialist and a researcher from UCL, as well as our Accountant and myself.

All of the understand how endometriosis can affect lives.

All our Information 50 leaflets are still available to you, 8 of them are now free for you to download.

The rest are available in the Members Only section so please join us to gain access to them. Those who still require hard copies of everything please let me know by emailing or by phoning us.

Women  seeking  treatment for their endometriosis should try to find the nearest Endometriosis Specialist Treatment Centre.  Look for a Centre of Excellence where there is a multidisciplinary team of  specialists on call, who have taken specific training in endometriosis surgery, (laparoscopy and laparotomy, and colorectal surgeon specialists ). These teams should include advanced surgeons who are used to dealing with the management of all types of endometriosis, from deep infiltrative endometriosis (DIE), to removal of large and smal ovarian cysts or endometriomas, and shallow endometriosis,  with lots of adhesions.

Our Charity maintains a Special Advisory Panel of experienced gynaecologists spread throughout the UK who guide us with up to date research which is done in their field.  We want to help you to find the best treatment available to you where there is a maintained track record of excellent outcomes.

Please send us new ideas for what information you would like to hear in the Key News this Summer 2013. Please send us your story; it may help other women struggling out there cope with their illness, (300 words).

Kind regards,
Dian Shepperson Mills


Endometriosis affects more than 170 million women worldwide, 2 Million in the UK alone. 10% of women of reproductive age. 30% and 60% in women with infertility and pelvic pain respectively. (Simoens et al. 2007).

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